Building a resource-wise and carefree world

The world could be many steps ahead when it comes to the use of its limited resources and the smoothness of daily lives. However, achieving systemic changes requires solving complex puzzles. During our era of specialisation, this is not possible for most companies, or it is not in line with their strategies.

Hakonen has a truly unique position. Large-scale logistics companies do not offer installation or maintenance services, and they have no interest in the needs of a small country such as Finland. Maintenance companies, on the other hand, are seldom nationwide and have no resources for developing digital systems.

Hakonen offers a wide range of services and has a nationwide presence. This allows us to develop our household appliance, furniture and laundry business in ways that are rare even in international comparison.

Back in 1918, Kaarlo Hakonen’s goal was to be “one step ahead”. We became known as a moving service and grew into a B2B service provider through company relocations. Today, we are changing the world in the following areas.

Resource wisdom and the circular economy in practice

Resource wisdom is an excellent concept! The idea is to have emissions, waste and overconsumption under control while increasing sustainable wellbeing. The circular economy, on the other hand, tries to keep materials in circulation for as long as possible without losing their value. We maintain, take care of, repair and recycle materials and increase our share of renewable energy year-on-year.

Making lives easier

The aim of household appliance and furniture shops is to sell products, grow and stay ahead of the competition. We can manage transportation, installation and recycling on behalf of their employees and offer a competitive edge in the form of excellent customer experience. The customers can track the delivery of their goods on the Hakonen mobile app.

No more worrying about how to dispose of the old goods or recycle the packaging materials. No more long waits for spare parts and the maintenance personnel.

Hakonen removes these worries from both its own customers and its customers’ customers. We are constantly developing new services that are designed to make the lives of our customers easier, such as Product-as-a-Service laundries for real estate companies.

A more humane maintenance and logistics industry

The logistics industry is changing. It has no choice, because it has a poor reputation. However, as online commerce keeps growing, logistics can become the only physical and humane contact with the customer. For this reason, the logistics industry must shift its focus from efficiency, parcels, charts and numbers to a more humane approach. And the maintenance industry must look beyond mechanics. We believe that a more humane approach can be a competitive edge that benefits both us and our customers. When the Hakonen team smiles, the customer’s customer also smiles.