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What is best about working at Hakonen?

The best parts are working with a good team and the flexible work arrangements. As a new employee, I have never felt like an outsider. Fairness – both towards employees and customers. We are not an unyielding logistics company, but we are truly humane and ready to meet the customer’s wishes. If you like work and want to advance your career, join us!

Physical work in relaxed company – work flexibly

We show you how it’s done – stellar teamwork
There’s always a way, if you’re committed – new opportunities

Job rotation

Our over 40 professional titles mean that there are good opportunities to change roles within the company. Many employees find this opportunity motivating. Knowing the company from many perspectives also helps in solving problems and working with customers. We provide training paths, apprenticeship training and other on-the-job learning. There are many ways to advance your career. For example, one of our employees recently moved from one location to another and was promoted: from employee in Helsinki to supervisor in Oulu.

Flexibly alongside studies

Hakonen always has positions open for hard-working and friendly employees. Even if you initially work at Hakonen only for the summer, it is likely that we will continue your employment flexibly also in the autumn.

The summer job raised my expertise to new heights: “When the customer is happy, I know I have done a good job”. This is how Annika Jonasson describes her summer job at Hakonen. A summer job at Hakonen came with diverse tasks and new areas of expertise. In addition to summer jobs, Hakonen offers flexible work opportunities, for example, alongside studies, year-round.

From delivery vehicle to management team

A company with over 400 employees naturally has a management team. Throughout its history, Hakonen has had many management team members who have started their career in the field – including two of the five current management team members. Many employees first come to Hakonen to earn some money during their studies and come back to the company to put their skills to use.

Newly-employed and long-term Hakonen employees share their stories of starting in furniture delivery and how they have developed in the diverse and fast-growing company. Read more about Hakonen as an employer.

Characteristics of Hakonen employees

Hakonen employees stand apart because of their energetic attitude, willingness to help others and diverse skills. Our team includes carriers, installers, drivers, maintenance personnel, warehouse workers, customer service personnel, salespersons and dispatchers, to name but a few.

Hakonen in a nutshell

  • Steadily growing family business
  • Over 400 employees and 100 blue delivery vehicles
  • A pioneer that is building a resource-wise and carefree world

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