Sofas and refrigerators are examples of furniture and equipment that require a basic level of ready-for-use installation. A motorised bed or a cooker, for example, require a higher level of ready-for-use installation.

Examples of full installation services include mounting a TV screen on the wall, installing laundry equipment or office furniture and assembling storage systems.

Confidence of a market leader. Hakonen is the national market leader for home deliveries and installation services.

Your customer can easily select the right level of service. You can build a service concept that meets the specific needs of your brand from Hakonen’s extensive selection.

Comprehensive service package. Opportunity to create tailored service packages that facilitate marketing and sales.

Comprehensive and regular service reporting. We measure customer satisfaction and report our monthly customer feedback at the agreed level. In addition to reporting, we offer order tracking, customer feedback and real-time deviation functions in the Sherpa system.

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