Confidence of a market leader. Hakonen is the largest maintenance provider of household appliances and laundry equipment in Finland.

Efficient solution process – Maintenance or service agreement for specific equipment. Hakonen’s customer service helps you in the event of problems, we offer comprehensive reports, our car and maintenance personnel are always ready and we can offer instant repairs or replacements, as agreed.

The right appliance in the right place. Along the years, we have gained so much information on equipment and appliances that we know how to pick the appliances that will stand through time and select the right appliance for each place. Our selection includes all the high-quality household appliance and laundry equipment brands.

Authorised maintenance and repairs. We can start the repair within 24 hours of your request on weekdays. Authorised maintenance and repairs for major brands.

Lifecycle management. We manage the entire lifecycle of household appliances – from the delivery of new appliances to maintenance and recycling. The lifecycle service saves both time and money. 

Customer service, customer-oriented culture. Hakonen’s customer service is there for you if you encounter a problem. Friendly and professional customer service in homes.

Why should you choose Hakonen?

  • Short response times. Having the spare appliance and spare parts in the car allows us to complete 90% of service requests with one visit
  • Unique service model in Finland. Equipment that is always functional. Budget-friendly, fixed monthly price.
  • Nationwide. Our service is available across Finland.
  • Good partnership management. Dedicated responsible persons and excellent customer experience.

Hakonen ja COVID-19-koronavirus: Näin huolehdimme turvallisuudesta

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